Top 10 Best Partition Manager Software

partition management software

Hard disks are usually divided into various smaller optimization units. The partition manager helps make this process easier and more efficient. Here, let us discuss the 10 best partition management software.

1. Paragon Partition Manager
Paragon Partition Manager is a software developed by Paragon Technologies GmbH. Functions provided are: resize/move partitions, restore or expand partitions, create/delete partitions, change labels, test interface, multi-language support, multi-device support, merge, command line, OS migration, data wipe, disk support virtual, business use, Format and convert data carriers.

2. AOMEI Partition Assistant
AOMEI Partition Assistant is an application developed by AOMEI. Benefits offered include multi-device compatibility, change drive letter, change label, resize, create, delete, format, change partition type identifier, clone and merge partitions, wipe partitions or disks, align partitions, command-line partitioning, allocate disk space from one partition to another for free, OS migration, Serial number change, Boot CD wizard, System disk wipe, Unlimited usage, and priority technical support.

3. Tenorshare partition manager
Tenorshare Partition Manager is a software developed by Tenorshare Co Ltd. software developed. The functions provided are redistribution of free space, changing partition properties and capabilities, setting or marking partitions as active for booting, changing volume labels or driver letters, changing partitions for each device, disk partition table, file system, extensive Compatibility, and Customer Support.

4. Separate
GParted is a free program developed by GParted Technologies. Benefits include file system manipulation, mark, create, delete, resize, move, verify, label, set new UUID, copy and paste, clone, test interface, multi-device compatibility, multi-language support, disk partitioning, partition alignment, free disk space distribution, and customer support.

5. MiniTool Partition Wizard
MiniTool Partition Wizard is software developed by MiniTool Software Ltd. Developed. in 2009. Functions provided are partition or data recovery, file system check, OS disk copy, create/delete/format/extend/resize/move partition, OS migration, boot media constructor, dynamic disk conversion in basic, multi-support -device, 24/7 and multilingual customer support.

6. Macrorit Partition Expert
Macrorit Partition Expert is a free software product developed by Macrorit. Benefits offered are portable, Windows storage, 4K sync, optional cancellation technology, hard drive capacity, operating system migration, unique back data protection technology, boot disk, commercial use, unlimited use, lifetime free upgrades, priority customer support, and Compatibility with multiple devices.

7. IM Magic Partition Resizer
IM-Magic Partition Resizer is a free software program developed by IM-Magic. Features provided include advanced split, resize and move, copy, delete, merge, convert MBR to GPT, logical to basic, one-second extension technology, independent 64-bit EXE file, pit undo technology, rollback-Protection, media bootable, UEFI/EFI boot support, multi-language, multi-device compatibility and customer support.

8. Cute partition manager
OSL is developed by the Cute Partition Manager. The advantages offered are boot, one-click installation, automatic, customization, stealth mode, autofill, auto-detect, auto scan, secure boot, auto-hide, menu lock, self-timer with adjustable delay, special assignment boot mode, boot CD-ROM with unique boot mode compatibility, built-in Quick Help and multi-device compatibility.

9. Partition Logic
J developed the Partition Logic software. Andrew McLaughlin. Features provided include disk partitioning, data management tool, create, delete, format, defragment, resize, copy, move, change attributes, copy the entire disk to another, free, multi-device compatibility, multi-language, boot media, and customer support.

10. Remove partition manager
Ranish Partition Manager is a free software program developed by Ranish. Benefits offered are splitting, cloning, speed, open-source, partition editor, unlimited modifications, mixed alignment, precise sector editing, primary partitioning, auto, customization, self-timer with adjustable delay, custom loading mode, rollback protection. Priority customer support and compatibility with multiple devices.

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