Tue. May 21st, 2024
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    Ahaan, so it is that season again when people just blame mercury for all the mishaps! Your favorite face mask for radiant skin went out of stock just when you needed it? Umm hmm – it’s because of retrograde! Your phone went crashing down? It’s all because of Mercury Retrograde! You had a fight with your best friend? Boy, it’s because of mercury retrograde. I’ve been hearing all about this on social media. The other day I was applying this gold moisturizer for women while listening to a podcast – the 2 guys start fighting and one of them goes – ‘dude-mercury is doing this’ I mean what even! If you are also confused about what is up with the world, let me guide you through. I have done research about this and asked a few experts as well – so you will find this article very useful. Do read it till the end okay! You will learn something very interesting today 🙂 


    Mercury Retrograde Period: 

    2nd April 2024 to 25th April 2024


    Let Us Begin! Who Is This Mercury Guy?

    Mercury is a planet. Ofcourse! But let’s describe mercury from an astrological point of view. Mercury is one planet that shifts personalities like water takes the shape of a container. Relax, that’s just an analogy. Mercury doesn’t literally shapeshift. So this beautiful sounding planet Mercury gets its name after the Roman god ‘Hermes’. Now Hermes, the mercurial god was known as the swift messenger of the gods. He was associated with commerce, good fortune, adaptability and ability to adapt to a new perspective. The planet mercury is associated mainly with communication and coordination. These are the aspects that are the most affected during the retrograde period.


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    What is Mercury Retrograde?

    All planets reverse direction in the sky at some point. This is called apparent retrograde motion in science but in astrology, just retrograde. Mercury retrograde is an astrological effect that essentially takes place when Mercury tricks you into believing that it’s moving backward in its orbit (no it’s actually not moving backward – it just appears like that). This typically happens three to four times a year for about three weeks at a time. While in reality, Mercury isn’t reversing its orbit, this optical illusion has significant astrological implications according to believers.


    How Does It Affect Us?

    When mercury starts to retrograde, your communication with your colleagues or friends or family members could be affected. For example, you might feel misunderstood, there could be some miscommunication as well. You were willing and hoping to travel but no tickets. That meeting that you were supposed to be at early, you reach late. Mercury is associated with communication, travel, and technology. There may be problems occurring in these areas of life. Electronics and vehicles may malfunction more frequently in mercury retrograde than before. Say you were going to order your favorite face mask for radiant skin or moisturizer for women, and that time only your network crashed, and the next time you tried adding them to your cart – you figured that they went out of stock!! People usually avoid signing contracts and making any legal decisions during this period as it is advised against as there is a higher possibility of overlooking key points. 


    Mercury retrograde is also a period of introspection and revisiting the past. People end up tying loose ends, diving into the past, and finishing incomplete works. While mercury retrograde is strong and unpredictable, it is also possible to manage it with some adaptability, resilience, and flexibility. As per how it affects individual zodiac signs, it is said to be stronger in Virgo and Gemini. The specific houses that Mercury retrograde transits in a person’s birth chart may provide further insight into how it could impact them personally.

    During this period, you should try to be a little more patient (yes, your go to face mask for radiant skin just got out of stock, but hang in there; it’ll be in stock soon), make sure you double check your emails and documents before sending them. You can also meditate to improve your mental clarity, avoid chaotic bonds, and don’t make big decisions. I’m sure you are now going to check if mercury is in retrograde and how to handle it! don’t worry, you will do just fine with a little resilience and power!

    By Jack