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Remote office and normal office are basically two different stories. With all its advantages, virtual offices carry a lot of uncertainty. Since everything is controlled remotely, many special features have to be taken into account. Data security should be your number one concern. The second is the software you need for your virtual office.

You cannot use the tools and software you use in your physical office. Remote teams need to be handled differently than in a typical office. To overcome these challenges, you need special software. These tools ensure your team is working to the best of their ability and delivering great results.

Virtual offices offer many benefits including affordable workspaces, registered business addresses, receiving calls and mail forwarding services. It offers you many office services without worrying about their maintenance. No need to pay utility bills or hire maintenance staff. But the most refreshing thing about virtual offices is the variety of talent you can employ. You are already limited in space to hire staff to work for you. If you improve the place, you lose a lot of talented people. But working remotely opens up new horizons for you. You can hire people from all over the world to be part of your team.

But as mentioned above, to reap the rewards, you need the right tools. There are hundreds of software offering traditional office supplies. Some are more popular than others because of their functionality and ease of use. The software you use must also be compatible with your system. The operating system you and your employees use must support the software of your choice. Second, the software must ensure the security of data transmission and online collaboration between employees.

Why your virtual office needs software:

Before jumping in with a gun, you need to know why you need it. Only then can you choose a good one that can enter your system. Here are the reasons why you and your team need this software to work remotely:

Remote teams cannot work together. There is no personal communication between them, but their work requires constant connection between them. With virtual office software, they can easily do this. You can use it to hold conferences and seminars.

Time and attendance management is very important, especially for project managers and team leaders. Control is even more difficult when done remotely. Virtual office software can simplify employee reporting and make time management easier.

File sharing and collaboration between employees from different time zones are also very important features that virtual office software can help with. This program provides a secure way to share files and schedule appointments.

Another problem faced by workers in remote offices is that there is no clear boundary between work and personal life. They work overtime or work less than the specified hours. Virtual office software can help you with that. Reminders and instant messaging software can help your employees get in and out at the right time.
What different types of virtual software do you need?

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Each virtual office requires a different set of software to manage and manage various office activities. The different categories of software you need for your virtual office are:

  • Project management software helps you track project progress and keeps you up to date on deadlines.
  • Productivity management software tracks and logs time to help you manage remote workers.
  • Instant messaging is a useful tool for instant feedback between you and your teammates.
  • Face-to-face communication is a must for the whole team to work together. Video conferencing software can help you with this.

When your team needs to work together on something in real time, collaboration software needs to be part of your virtual office.

Your virtual office has important data to store and share. Centralized storage is the better strategy for this, and that’s why you need cloud storage software.

Online or cyber security should be at the top of the list. The online environment is vulnerable to all kinds of intruders. The security of your work environment is very important to protect your company data and the personal data of your employees.

Top 5 software you need for your virtual office:

The following software should be part of every virtual office. They are widely used in many offices and institutions.


Tandem is a virtual desktop application for team collaboration. You can see what other team members are working on. You can share screens and apps to get feedback. Users can make audio and video calls with their teammates. It integrates well with Trello, Asana, and Google Docs. Tandem offers a 14 day free trial and then you can use the paid version for 5 people starting at $20.


It is a very popular management software. He can easily organize your projects into boards, making it more like the way you work in the office. You can easily share messages and files. Different team members may be appointed to different committees. You can create project checklists to better manage progress. Trello is available in free and paid versions starting at $12.50 per month.

Zoom in:

Zoom is a very popular software that helps you to do video conferencing and video calls. Available as a smartphone app for Android and iOS. You can use screen sharing to see what everyone on the team is doing. In the free version, up to 100 people can be included in a single call. However, the downside is that conversations can last up to 40 minutes. It has built-in features for recording and copying conversations. Zoom is free to use or you can purchase a membership for $14.50.


Thanks to the Dropbox-supported “Invite Friends” program, many use Dropbox for cloud storage for our personal use. Well, they also have a Dropbox Business plan which is ideal for official use. It is a safe place where you can share and store important data. It is a centralized and customized place to store your files. You can use the built-in calendar to plan future events. You can even access Slack and Zoom from Dropbox.


Employee engagement is very important in a virtual office. You need to recognize their efforts and appreciate them. In a virtual environment, this can be difficult, but not impossible. With the help of funds, you can publicly acknowledge their work and achievements. You can track their work anniversaries and reward them in the form of trophies or plaques. You can offer corporate discounts on your entire fitness, entertainment and travel team. You can also let your employees choose from many gifts, experiences, or items.

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