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    Overwatch is one of the best video games in the world. Some players have reported that while playing Overwatch, it sometimes crashes on the home screen and displays a red “Lost Game Server Connection” error message. It becomes very frustrating for gamers when they are fully focused on the game and suddenly everything is lost.

    If you make the same mistakes and don’t know how to avoid them, then you are not alone. In this blog, TechNinjaPro is here to help you with seven possible solutions for Overwatch losing connection to game servers.

    How to fix lost connection with OverWatch?

    When the game disconnects from the server, the first thing to do is to check your internet connection. As it often happens that the internet is constantly disconnected, you cannot play the game. Make sure your internet connection, drivers and other factors are not causing this problem.

    You don’t have to try all the fixes; just find one that works for you. They are organized so you don’t have to waste time on repairs that don’t work for you.

    1. Restart the wireless router

    The first thing to pay attention to when you see the Lost Game Server Connection error in Overwatch is whether or not your internet connection is working properly.

    To fix the problem, you can restart your internet router.

    1. Disconnect your internet router for 60 seconds.
    2. Turn it back on after one minute.
    3. Once you see the internet has started, run Overwatch on your computer.
    If the problem is internet, you will not see the problem but if the Lost Game Server Connection problem persists then you will have to look for other solutions.

    2. Update network driver

    Outdated network drivers can also cause this problem and make the internet connection work smoothly. To determine if this is causing Overwatch problems, try updating your network drivers.

    You can update network drivers in two ways: manually or automatically. You can manually update network drivers by going to the manufacturer’s website and checking for the latest network drivers for your network.

    • Update network driver automatically

    There is software on the market that automatically updates the drivers for you. One of the most powerful and comprehensive tools is Driver Booster. Driver Booster not only updates your WiFi drivers but also fixes Overwatch network errors. Follow the steps below to update your network drivers automatically.

    1. Get Driver Booster, install, and run it.
    2. Select Scan. Driver Booster immediately starts searching for outdated, missing and corrupt drivers.
    3. Identify the network adapter before updating the network driver.
    4. To fix network problems in Overwatch, select Tools in the Driver Booster left pane and then Fix network errors on the right.

    If you follow the steps, Driver Booster will solve all network problems. If the error in Overwatch is caused by an outdated driver, that will fix it, but if the error persists, then it must be because of some other issue and you should continue to look for ways to fix your OverWatch problem.

    3. Avoid radio interference

    If your Overwatch shows an error when you lose connection to the server, try running it from a different internet connection. This Overwatch error can be caused by radio interference and needs to be fixed.

    1. Change the location of your wireless router.
    2. Place it near the device you are using for Overwatch.
    3. Keep away from electronic devices that emit electromagnetic waves, which can interfere with the Wi-Fi function.
    Check Overwatch by restarting. This will probably solve the problem if the wireless connection is causing the problem.

    4. Update IP address and delete DNS server

    Overwatch will likely start showing errors due to DNS and IP addresses and there is a fix for that. Removing your DNS server and updating your IP address will solve this problem for you. Follow the steps below.

    • How to delete DNS servers

    Touch the window and R key on your keyboard. The Run dialog box appears on the screen.

    1. Press the Windows key + R combination.
    2. In the search bar, type Run CMD and allow the command line to make changes as administrator, touch “Ctrl + Shift and Enter” at the same time.
    3. Select the Yes option to grant permission
    4. Type ipconfig /flushdns and click Enter.

    This will delete your DNS server

    • How to update IP address

    Open the Run dialog box following the same method described in the Empty DNS Server section.

    1. Run the command line as administrator.
    2. Type ipconfig /release and click Enter. Then type ipconfig /renew and run it.
    3. After that, restart your computer.
    If Overwatch’s reason is the error “Connection lost to game server due to IP and DNS, it will be activated when your IP and DNS are updated.

    5. Reset Winsock

    Winsock is an interface in the Windows operating system that handles I/O requests for Internet applications. In this section, TechNinjaPro will show you how to wipe Winsock data which can solve the OverWatch issue. That’s how to do it:

    1. Run command line as administrator and type netsh winsock reset.
    2. And press Enter to start the process.
    This will reset Winsock on your computer. Now restart your computer and try playing Overwatch.

    6. Change DNS address

    DNS needs to convert domain names to IP addresses that allow browsers to access online resources. Changing the Google DNS address may solve the problem for you.

    Advance System Care is the best third party software which contains all the valuable tools to help with this. The DNS address will change automatically. Follow the steps below to change your DNS address

    1. Get, install and run Advanced SystemCare.
    2. Select DNS Protector from the Toolbox menu. As you can see, ASC automatically installs the toolbox for you.
    3. Under DNS Protection, select the DNS settings you want to protect and the DNS provider, eg. B. Google Public DNS Servers.

    7. Close bandwidth overload applications

    Applications with closed bandwidth overload are the most common problems faced by gamers. Someone in the family starts downloading or watching movies over the internet, or if an app is using up all the bandwidth of your system, you have to stop it if you want to enjoy the game.

    This is how you can check and close apps running in the background.

    1. Right-click on the taskbar and select Task Manager.
    2. Touch Bandwidth jamming applications, and then click the End task button at the bottom of Task Manager.

    Now restart your computer and launch Overwatch. Overwatch will not be disconnected from the server because you have completed all the hurdles.

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