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    How quickly would it take to develop your first application

    The mobile app conquers the world as it should. They have made business and communication easier. Every software development agency needs to update their business acumen to provide appropriate applications for today’s market.

    Google Play Store has more than 2.59 million apps while Apple’s App Store has around 1.96 million apps. It seems that this number is also not decreasing, as many mobile application development companies will also confirm this.

    These factors show that apps are here to stay and investing in them today is not an unwise decision.

    However, given the wide variety and experience in application development today, another question arises. How long will it take to develop the required application with appropriate features for each particular type of business?

    We need to go through all phases of app development to check how the process is going.

    Functionality, features and platform

    Once you understand the market perspective of your app and decide how to deal with it, the next step begins immediately – finalizing the features, functionality, and platform for the app.

    This step involves figuring out the exact operation in your application.

    In this phase, many questions about the application are answered, e.g. B. What the app can do.

    This phase is also related to data processing. How the application compiles with data rules and how it collects data from users.

    This phase also prepares a use case that acts as a template to see how the user will interact with the application.

    It’s impossible to give a duration for the entire development process, but on average it takes about 3-5 weeks to complete your app’s features, functionality and platform.

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    This can take about two weeks. This period consists of two main phases – submission and review.

    If you want to register your app on the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store, you will need to provide basic information such as icons, company information, descriptions, screenshots, demos, legal documents and more.

    Keep them handy beforehand and prepare a list of properly identified needs. You don’t want to delay this process any longer than usual.

    After commissioning and maintenance

    Even after starting the app, you still have to maintain the necessary support and updates. It is impossible to say how long this phase will last, as it depends on application testing. Performance and end-user feedback impact updates.

    This can be the result of continuous improvement based on priority, time duration and associated costs. Therefore, developers need to understand the time and budget requirements for maintenance and support.

    Many may think that developing an application is a long and tedious process. It is up to the application development company to simplify the process.

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