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    Android verses iOS, Which one is tailored to your business?

    The two largest competitors in the mobile app markets, iOs, and Android, are business owners’ first dilemma before they leave to launch the app. They have to hire developers of mobile applications for the particular platform because the implementation is totally different from the logic.

    While both are dominant in the marketplace, it is not affordable for many small businesses or start-ups to develop an application for both. They have to choose either one based on their budget. Industry, geography and functionality also play a key role in platform selection.

    Customers also have different opinions about this choice. Based on their budget and needs, they chose Android and iOS. However, it remains a business burden to select a top mobile app development agency that understands the target audience and develops apps for them.

    Let’s see which platforms are suitable for businesses in different scenarios.

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    Obviously, both platforms have unique features that offer different benefits. The Android OS is open source, which means developers can customize the code to suit their needs, but this often leads to unforeseen threats.

    Apple iOS creates a more secure environment for transactions and sharing of sensitive information. Based on the store, a layout can be made of what basic features need to be introduced into the app. Platforms can be selected based on the development agency with security or customization in mind.

    Device Fragmentation

    Based on business goals, device fragmentation can be an advantage as well as a liability. First, let’s understand what device fragmentation is. This occurs when the user is using the application on a different version of the operating system. This requires a different programming approach and compatibility issues, causing a headache for developers.

    Due to the availability of Android, several companies are releasing thousands of Android OS devices. This means that device fragmentation is huge in the case of Android. This is not a big issue for iOS as you get a developer and this app is compatible with all platform users.

    If you want to reach a broad user demographic, Android is the best for you. With so many devices in use, iOS is the answer if you want to easily attract high paying customers.

    Development Budget

    It is seen that Android application development requires a higher budget allocation compared to iOS application development. This is mainly due to the large number of Android-enabled devices with different screen sizes.

    Due to these variations, Android development also takes longer. Such a problem does not arise with iOS. The limited number of Apple devices supported by iOS does not require much configuration and the development process is faster. From now on, development costs are lower compared to Android.

    It is worth mentioning here that application development costs are not primarily managed by the platform. The complexity of the application also affects the estimated budget. Android is open source and can be easily combined with available online features.

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    In addition, the two platforms have different fees, which are listed on their application platforms. Android has an on-time registration fee while Apple charges it annually.

    It can be a tough decision, but a platform can be a haven for generating revenue for your business if done right. You have to understand the market, budget and features.

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