Wed. Jul 17th, 2024
    hair health gummies

    I have had a strange relationship with my hair health gummies. As a kid, I had dense hair, and all my friends would tell me how beautiful my hair looked. It was after I started traveling to go to college my hair health dropped drastically. The change in dietary habits, consumption of more junk food, pollution, studies related to stress, and a combination of all these factors led to poor hair health. My hair became thinner, and I used to experience hair fall every time I’d comb my hair or wash my hair. 

    A few years down the line, I had relatives and friends give me hair growth tips on their own as unsolicited advice. Do people actually think we don’t know what’s wrong with us? And it’s especially weird because when they give you advice to fix imperfections in you, they aren’t personally involved in correcting these imperfections. Their advice is pure hollow! Ultimately, it’s just you or your family members that can actually play a part. If you think I need to get rid of dull skin, don’t just say it; buy me the best serum for glowing skin!🌟🌟🌟🌟

    Thankfully, I have been able to restore my hair’s health in the last 2 years. I have changed a few habits that have worked deeply for resurrecting my healthy hair growth. Some of these habits include good nutrition like biotin Gummies or beauty gummies, using rosemary oil, avoiding hot hair showers, etc. This blog is a compilation of easy-to-follow good habits that can help you achieve your hair-related goals.

    1 – Don’t Shampoo Your Hair Frequently: 💇🏼‍♂️💇🏻

    Your hair comprises sebum glands that produce natural oils, which keep your scalp moisturized naturally. Shampooing your hair frequently, such as five times each week, makes your scalp excessively dry and irritated. Sulfates enriched shampoos cause foaming, which helps to remove impurities from your hair; nevertheless, they can deplete your scalp’s natural oils, resulting in an itchy and dry scalp. Invest in sulfate-free shampoo and use it three times a week.

    2 – Don’t Skip Out On Conditioner:

    Conditioners infuse a healthy layer of hydration into your hair and give a soothing effect on your strands. A conditioner is like a moisturizer for your hair! It also helps repair split ends and give your hair a soft finish. 

    3 – Avoid Hot Showers For Your Hair💇🏻:

    Hot showers can make your hair cuticles weak. Extreme steam can also fade hair color and leave your scalp feeling itchy. Wear a shower cap during bath showers, and use moderate-temperature water to wash your hair!

    4 – Don’t Listen To People Who Tell You To Stop Hair Oiling:

    I remember a few years back, when I visited a local hair trichologist clinic, I was told that hair oiling is bullsh*t and it does no good to your hair. She tried selling me an expensive hair therapy program that involved medications and electronic hair growth promoter tools. True, these tools could be useful for faster hair growth, but I did not sign up for them as they were expensive, and I wanted to go for natural hair therapies. 

    Oiling hydrates your scalp and deeply nourishes it. Coating your hair strands with the nourishing goodness of oil can protect it from damage. Oiling can also make your hair strands softer and improve hair texture. Oils comprise healthy nutrients that soothe your scalp and strengthen your hair follicles. 

    Never listen to people who say ‘oiling is old fashioned and useless’ babe; there is a reason why our Moms and Grandmoms have such pretty hair: it’s because they oiled their hair!

    5 – Pay Attention To What You Eat:

    When I joined college, I ignored healthy eating habits. I would snack on some or the other junk food and often skip meals. I had even reduced my hair oiling frequencies. Train and bus travel was a regular part of my travel routine, and with so much travel came a lot of pollution that my hair would get exposed to. These factors led to reduced hair volume. 

    You could add biotin supplements like biotin gummies or beauty gummies to your daily regime. This exercise can help combat the damaging effects of pollution.

    Biotin is a beauty vitamin 🍊that supports dense hair growth and reduces hair thinning. Biotin beauty gummies often consist of other nutrients such as Zinc, and 💊Multivitamins that support radiant skin and also strengthen your immunity. Biotin tablets may seem like a bitter and difficult-to-consume solution to your hair health so Biotin beauty gummies can be a yummy tasting way to get nutrients! 

    6 – Invest in a Silk Pillow:

    Silk pillows are soft fabrics that can feel comforting to your hair. These soft textured pillows protect your hair cuticles by reducing friction between hair and fabric. 

    You can also consult a physician or a nutritionist if your hair health isn’t improving; they can give you more targeted treatments for improving your hair health with hair health gummies. Dear beautiful readers, don’t be disheartened if you think you are facing hair-related issues. You can start taking these basic and simple steps to take charge of your hair situation. Don’t shampoo your hair so often, use a conditioner, avoid hot hair showers, oil your hair regularly, consume biotin gummies or beauty gummies, and sleep on a silk pillow. Slowly, you will start noticing visible changes in your hair’s health. 

    By Jack